Tajín wanted to gain market presence in the United States, and not only reach Hispanics, but build credibility in the American market.

A performance campaign, Tajín’s ultimate goal was to drive traffic to their website, where consumers could download coupons and engage with delicious summer recipes while creating content and fun conversations around Tajín

Through the power of influencers, backed by our proprietary technology and high-impact media, Tajín was able to reach targeted audiences, driving recipe sharing and engagement with the people that mattered to drive sales.

Editorial Content

Megan Media created unique and mouthwatering recipes featuring Tajín to inspire the Hispanic and General markets to introduce Tajín in their weekly meals, encouraging trial and purchase in a trusted and captivating way.

Content Amplification

Premium recipes were scaled across social channels, building mass awareness for Tajín's initiative while reaching receptive Hispanic/American audiences in trusted environments where they are taking recommendations and inspiration from their peers.

Twitter Activation

Megan Media hosted an hour-long Twitter discussion to reach the most influential women and encourage purchase for Tajín through the power of trusted peer-to-peer recommendations and unique recipes to inspire in moment trial.

Targeted Media

Animated banners ran on select contextually relevant family/recipe sites, driving consumers to the various Tajín-inspired recipes and their site to inspire families nationwide and drive in moment purchase intent.