Sub-Zero and Wolf

Wolf wanted to invite families to spend more time in the heart of their homes by reclaiming their kitchens.

An awareness campaign, their ultimate goal was to scale interest for their initiative, and align their brand to premium content that inspired households nationwide.


  • Social Impact Unit delivered 360% benchmarked impressions
  • 2.6x over content amplification benchmark


Hand-selected premium influencers created engaging content around Wolf's initiative (i.e. recipes, gatherings, etc), inspiring their like-minded followers to reclaim the kitchen through captivating imagery in an authentic way.

Content Amplification

Premium content was scaled across social channels, building mass awareness for Wolf's initiative while reaching receptive audiences in trusted environments where they are taking recommendations and inspiration from their peers.

Social Impact Unit

Unit aggregated and distributed content and social posts on contextually relevant sites, furthering awareness and organic conversation. Unit also led interested audiences to a unique landing page, showcasing recipes in an inspiring way.

Predictive Data Targeting

Captured audiences who were interacting and engaging with Reclaim the Kitchen content across the web and social, and retargeted them on social channels in real-time, when their interest was piqued, deepening brand-affinity.