For the past year we partnered with Dove to build and deepen awareness for Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign. Having created deep impact around the Oscars and the VMA’s, we supported Dove’s recent effort to raise awareness for the launch of their new #SpeakBeautiful tool during SXSW.


  • SXSW Campaign: 3.86x over benchmarked impressions


Hand-selected premium influencers were chosen to raise awareness and drive engagement with the #SpeakBeautiful campaign to reach women nationwide and inspire positive change in the social conversation.

Twitter Activation

Megan Media hosted an hour-long Twitter discussion to reach the most influential women and encourage change in social conversations. Through impactful tweets, Dove's initiative was able to inspire women at scale.

Instagram Activation

Influencers posted a photo of their attendance at Dove's conference in SXSW and shared the importance of #SpeakBeautiful - scaling awareness and deepening excitement nationwide for Dove's initiative.


@SocialMoms (our proprietary network) scaled campaign content and messaging to our community of 446K twitter followers (of which 90% are women) to successfully deepen campaign impact and awareness.