Megan Media offers our clients high-impact, custom content campaigns that can include influencer media, digital media, social amplification, native advertising, video and mobile. Each custom campaign comes with full service support throughout delivery. Our technology, Megan Media Prime, offers our customers a flexible, component-based architecture for delivering best-in-class influencer and digital media campaigns at scale. Our combination of experience, technology, and fanatical service delivers far greater results than software-only or service-only approaches to today's complex world of content-driven digital media.


Megan Media Prime automatically discovers your campaign content, reports on link-level engagement for each social post or piece of content, and displays your reporting in one beautiful, modern dashboard. It’s built on the accuracy of API-level access to social platforms for reliable, accurate reporting - with no agencies or influencers hurt in the process.


Ninety percent of consumers trust peer recommendations, while just three percent trust ads. In today's feed-driven world, influencers and content creators play a critical role in helping brands tell their stories and build trust. With our BrandMatch ID technology, we are able to tap our network of 100,000+ influencers and find the perfect fit that organically aligns to your brand, whether it be a celebrity to reach millions or a long-tail influencer to reach a niche audience.


With deep partnerships across all markets and demographics, we have the ability to scale your campaign and reach the audience you want to reach. Across all audiences, our influencers are connected to more than 200 million friends, fans and followers. Or drill down to tap our millennial influencers, who reach more than 30 million people a month. Or focus on Latinas (8 million) or even 2 million kids 6 to 12 in a COPPA-compliant fashion. We can inspire action in the heart of your audience.


Our clients include some of the biggest brands in the world, who trust us to bring service, technology, and innovation in the name of driving results. From custom content to live events, from high-impact takeovers to compelling native advertising, all the way through digital, mobile and social media that is all aggregated and reported through Megan Media Prime, Megan Media is your preferred partner.


Other vendors rely on manual processes to activate influencers, and start choking on campaigns involving just a handful of influencers. By contrast, we've scaled campaigns to include thousands of influencers - and as much as we’re proud of and stand by our Megan Media Prime technology, we pride ourselves even more on our track record as a full-service, strategic partner for leading brands and agencies. We believe the combination of fanatical account service and our ability to scale through technology is the best approach for client success.

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