Introducing Athena™

Our clients include some of the biggest brands in the world, who trust us to deliver service, technology, and innovation in the name of driving results. In 2015, we launched Megan Media Prime — our proprietary platform for delivering custom content, influencer activation, and advanced digital media campaigns in a single, unified system.

In 2016, the company launched its Athena™ platform, which uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to optimize campaigns for consumer engagement across social platforms. Athena™ complements human creativity and ingenuity, focusing her efforts on matching the most engaging campaign content with the best influencer audiences at scale. Athena™ delivers massive lift in social engagement and unbeatable ROI: we’ve seen lift of 3,650% in social engagement and 2,500% increase in in-view social reach due to the Athena™ effect.

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Athena™ is built to provide detailed insights into content quality, engagement, and impact. Machine learning algorithms identify and promote the most engaging content across social and native placements to drive superior results for our clients.


Megan Media Prime aggregates all of your native, social and digital media reporting into one dashboard, showing all campaign elements and the impact of each line item.


All participating influencers authenticate their social footprint and site traffic to provide clients with a detailed look at an influencer's reach and engagement across all social platforms, giving detailed insights into campaign impact.