Shaun the Sheep

Lionsgate wanted to raise awareness around the US theatrical release of Shaun the Sheep.

As an awareness campaign, their ultimate goal was to encourage organic conversations and excitement around the film to ultimately drive traffic and generate pre-purchase intent.

Through the power of influencers and social activations, Shaun the Sheep was one of the most talked about movies of 2015, driving genuine mom-to-mom recommendations that inspired box-office sales.


Hand-selected premium influencers created and shared engaging content around Shaun the Sheep (i.e. DIY, crafts, etc), generating excitement with their like-minded followers while inspiring box-office sales on premiere date.

Twitter Activation

Megan Media hosted an hour-long Twitter discussion to reach the most influential moms and inspire box-office sales on premiere date. Through impactful tweets, deep interest for Shaun the Sheep was built and sustained.

Instagram Sweepstakes

We hosted an Instagram Sweepstakes where communities were encouraged to post their own themed craft/DIY for a chance to win, building an organic content footprint while raising awareness and excitement at scale.

Pinterest Activation

Hand-selected influencers created crafts and how-to DIYs that were aggregated and shared on a branded collaborative Pinterest board, engaging moms with kids to build deep interest for the film and it's characters.