eBay wanted to change how women perceived and valued the venerable ecommerce brand, and partnered with Megan Media to develop a content-driven strategy for doing so.

Tapping the SocialMoms network, we develop useful and interesting content designed to challenge outdated perceptions of eBay and inspire purchase, build brand favorability, and establish eBay as the “go-to” place for everything a women would ever need.

Now into its third year of our strategic content partnership, we have developed more than 3,000 high quality shopping guides featuring the incredible range of products you can find on eBay. Social activation around this content keeps customers engaged, excited and inspired as we bring new ideas to life every day.

Each month, we help eBay build stronger relationships with women shoppers, reaching millions of consumers across the SocialMoms network.


Each quarter, hand-selected premium influencers create and share engaging guides around seasonal themes, popular culture, holidays, life events and more, driving more women to eBay to inspire purchase and keep eBay top-of-mind as a great way to shop for just about everything year-round.

Content Amplification

We scale our targeted reach for the premium content we create across the SocialMoms network, getting eBay in front of more women shoppers and bringing them to eBay from highly trusted content creators.

Pinterest Activation

Each guide gets shared on Pinterest to extend reach among women, deepen awareness, and ultimately drive transactions on the site.

Megan Media Prime

Leveraging Megan Media Prime, we analyze, report and optimize our campaign throughout the year, to maximize impact and change perception of the eBay brand among female heads of household.