Cricket Wireless

For the past year we partnered with Cricket Wireless to build awareness and deepen favorability with very specific niche targets.

Although each campaign was strategized differently, they all leveraged our predictive data targeting technology to find and capture receptive and relevant audiences, driving qualified traffic to their site to inspire action.


  • Targeting Latinas: 1.5x over benchmarked clicks
  • Targeting Local Markets: Megan Media delivered 51% of the total campaign impressions


Hand-selected premium influencers created engaging content around Cricket Wireless' plans and promotions. Influencers scaled content by amplifying it across their social channels, inspiring subscription with their like-minded followers in a captivating and genuine way.

Native Advertising

Branded native units ran in content across contextually relevant sites, sparking interest for Cricket Wireless with a relevant and receptive audience. Units drove interested consumers to Cricket Wireless' plan/promotion pages to inspire in moment action with an already interested consumer.

Social Impact Unit

Unit aggregated and distributed content and social posts on contextually relevant sites, furthering awareness and organic conversation. Unit also led qualified audiences to Cricket Wireless' plans and promotions landing pages, inspiring in moment action.

Predictive Data Targeting

Our proprietary 1st party data captured audiences who were interacting and engaging with Cricket Wireless content across the web and social, and retargeted them on social channels in real-time, when their interest was piqued, deepening brand-consideration with an interested consumer.