Who We Are

The AI leaders in Content Marketing.

Megan Media is revolutionizing the $40 billion content marketing industry with artificial intelligence and machine learning. By connecting leading brands with our network of more than 100,000+ passionate content creators and the powerful Athena™ AI platform to drive optimal results, we deliver high-impact, custom content, native advertising, social, and mobile media campaigns.

Why Work With Megan Media?

  • We reach 75% of active users on Facebook and Instagram through 40,000 audience segments unique to us
  • Pay for the volume of engagements you’re looking for, not theoretical social impressions
  • Our campaigns typically include a high quality content mix using brand assets, content creators and SocialMoms editorial integrations
  • Using our machine learning algorithms (Athena) we ensure highly accurate audience/content matches, and those people will actually see the content (in view)
  • With our strategy, reach and technology, Athena is so successful at audience content matching that 1 in 3 people will engage/take an action on that content
  • We guarantee engaged audiences for brands
  • Use the engaged audiences Athena creates in other marketing / CRM efforts at no additional cost

What We Do

We connect people to brands, helping you reach your core audience in a genuine, organic way.

We help brands and agencies develop high-impact media campaigns featuring the world’s most influential content creators. We use our proprietary Athena™ Prime platform to deliver complex campaigns at scale with reliable, high quality results – from brand lift to sales. We operate as a partner in the strategy and planning stages all the way through campaign execution, delivery and optimization. If you want high quality content that will get in front of the right audiences driving the most engagement and receive data, insights and a new engaged audience set for other marketing efforts, Megan Media is your preferred partner.

Our Difference

We call it Engagement on Demand.

We believe the combination of fanatical account service and scaling through technology is the best approach for client success. Our proprietary platform, Athena Prime, is the first campaign management platform designed specifically to combine content marketing, influencer activation and smart content distribution engine based on advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence. Brands want to create content consumers engage with, and our combination of creativity and Athena AI delivers unbeatable results. Tell us how many people you want to engage, set a max cost-per-engagement, and Athena delivers results. To date, we’ve delivered more than 2,000 campaigns for a blue chip client list including Disney, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, eBay, Microsoft, P&G and dozens more – making Megan Media one of the most trusted names in the content marketing space.

Our Story

It started in 2008. Then it all changed in 2016. 

Megan Calhoun was a stay at home mom, wanting to connect with other moms online. In the process, she encountered like-minded women who were early adopters of social media and passionate content creators. She was incredibly impressed by these women, and wanting to learn more from them, Megan started Twittermoms.com; a place where moms could connect with each other. Within the first couple months she had thousands of women joining, and as the community grew, it became less about product reviews and more about premium content that was authentic and engaging. Rebranding in 2010 as Socialmoms.com, it is now the leading voice for women nationwide.

In late 2016, frustrated by the lack of differentiation in the fast-growing “influencer marketing” world and dubious claims proliferating in the market, we launched the Athena AI platform. Years in development, Athena was built from the ground up based on real world consumer interaction data and gets smarter every day. Athena delivers marketing outcomes that matter, simplifies the management of influencer campaigns for brands and agencies alike, delivers consumer engagement at scale, and creates the highest ROI programs in the industry.

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Custom Content

Leverage our influencers to create trust and interest in your brand.

Content Amplification

Extend content at scale to deepen campaign reach and impact.

Social Engagement

Get in front of your customers where they're spending time consuming social content and recommendations.

Native Advertising

Scale up your content with targeted, turnkey native advertising on premium sites.

Engagement on Demand

Generate better business and marketing outcomes with smart content distribution. Create remarketing assets to feed your existing CRM efforts with engaged new audiences.

Predictive Data Targeting

Identify and retarget consumers engaging with your content across the web to drive in-the-moment purchases and actions.


Megan Calhoun

Founder & CEO

Jim Calhoun


Sage Bray


Dave Bell


Sal Arora

Data Science & AI

Sasha Afanasieff

VP, Account Services


…and hundreds more.