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We pioneered the influencer marketing industry when we launched in 2008. We have worked with many of the biggest brands in the world and have executed thousands of campaigns. Our publisher property, SocialMoms is where we feature editorial and branded content. The Megan Media Network is our community of thousands of influencers who we work with on branded campaigns.


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Q: What is your differentiation in the marketplace with creator selection? Describe your selection process and how it’s different.

A: Most networks or platforms hand-select influencers based on public data, thus pairing influencers with brands based on “estimated reach” or “estimated impressions” from follower/subscriber count or estimated views from a monthly average.

These proxy metrics produce great limitations for brands - audience data is not verified, nor can these network platforms guarantee (the number of) impressions, reach or engagements on branded content. It’s the main reason most “networks” don’t allow third party 1x1 trackers on influencer posts (note that we offer this level of transparency and accountability)

Our approach offers true differentiation: Influencers who are authenticated onto our platform grant us access to their Facebook Insights accounts for verified audience data and true social footprint. We start with this “audience first” data approach to inform creator recommendations.


Q: How do we verify our influencers audiences to ensure they're not fake followers/ bots?

A: Fake followers are a big problem in the digital media and content marketing industries. We solved for this problem by only working with influencers who have authenticated their social accounts with our platform, which allows us to view and analyze audience composition. Why? Because we want to know who our influencers really are, who they really reach, what they buy, what their behaviors are, where they shop, where they live (based on verified geolocation data) and much more. This guarantees your content will be amplified and engaged with by real people who are genuinely interested in your brand.


Q: How does your AI technology compare to others in the space?

A: Most “AI” products on the market are ingesting public data and modeling inferences about follower or audience composition. It’s a garbage in, garbage out proxy of someone’s real people-based audience. We use authenticated, privacy respectful insight data to give you a real idea of who the people we’re recommending actually reach with great fidelity and accuracy.


Q: How do you compare to other influencer networks?

A: Our biggest differentiator is that we GUARANTEE the results of a campaign vs predicting or estimating how it will we think it might perform.

We guarantee engagement. Because of our AI technology, we're able to dynamically promote content to audiences who are likely to engage with your content, and deliver insights on who actually engaged with your content (generally provided to you post-campaign, but this can also be used to make in-flight adjustments).

For video campaigns, Audience IDs are delivered via your Facebook Business Manager account which then allows you to retarget those audiences with your Facebook ads to encourage additional action, get new engaged audiences into your CRM flows, and more.  


Q: We already boost our Facebook content. How is your technology better?

A: When you boost a post on Facebook, the post is delivered to the news feeds of users who fit within your general targeting parameters. It’s expensive and very general targeting.

With our AI technology, it is constantly learning and getting smarter on matching your content with relevant audiences who will be more likely to engage with your content. Once it learns who the most relevant audience is, it applies your budget to finding more of those audience types in order to be efficient and effective.


Q: How have security issues with Facebook affected your relationship with Facebook? What are the implications - How are you able to still access key data? Is reporting affected as a result?

A: We have historical data available as well as real-time audience insights on thousands of Facebook and Instagram influencers who reach a total of 177M US consumers (out of 200M) monthly. Any data gathered or used by Megan Media uses authenticated access to Facebook pages and our app has been reviewed and approved by Facebook.

Our influencers are required to provide this access to allow us to track and manage campaigns in a way that allows us to guarantee results, maintain data privacy and allow for standard 3rd party reporting via pixel integrations. Reporting has not been affected primarily because we follow Facebook’s strict privacy requirements.


Q: Why are engagements more valuable than impressions?

A: We offer impression based plans as well, priced on a CPM. But engagements mean that we’re getting an audience to take action on your branded content - like it, share it, click, comment, etc. Engagements are evidence that your program is reaching people who are moved by your branded content.

In addition, we can split plans into impression based line items as well as separate engagement based line items on any split you’d like (50/50, 75/25). It’s your call!


Q: How does our approach for content + distribution affect the client’s own Facebook ad campaigns? How do we avoid overlap and oversaturation?

A: Our technology allows us to target audiences based on your brand parameters. If there are audiences to target (i.e. competitors) or if you provide IDs of audiences to avoid, we can. In addition, for video campaigns, Audience IDs can be delivered via your Facebook Business Manager account which then allows the brand to retarget those audiences with ads to encourage additional action (ie. coupon download, purchase, etc).

This approach is great for finding new, engaging audiences and grow a brand’s awareness and reach through an engaging endorsement from content influencers they like and trust.


Q: What is the average following for your influencers?

A: There is no average. We work with influencers of all sizes. One of the biggest benefits of Megan Media is with Athena you can work with micro-influencers, but reach a much larger audience in aggregate when you take into account fans and friends of fans seeing your branded content through a trusted friend. This allows you to put more of the budget towards distribution and guaranteed performance and less on content creation.


Q: Can you geo-target our campaign?

A: Yes! We can geo-target via Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Audience Network (native) on a DMA or even zip code level. We will also ensure that the influencers we suggest have a large following in the target areas.


Q: Do you work with Celebrity influencers?

A: Given the proper budget and timing we can recruit any type of influencer you are looking to work with. However please keep in mind that we recommend you activate multiple influencers to get a larger combined reach and better engagement than with one ‘celebrity’ that won’t offer guaranteed results besides a post and a share. This means more of your budget goes to performance and less is spent on content creation.


Q: Do you have any case studies that show how Megan Media drives actual purchases?

A: Absolutely. We use the underlying technology to drive sales, app installs, and leads for a range of companies selling everything from makeup to subscription services. But we recommend with advertisers to start out with an audience-based campaign, as direct response objectives can require a lot of involvement between various parties which can complicate efforts.


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